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Sun Zhengyi: Softbank's goal is to control more than 90% of the chip market

Masayoshi son, Softbank chief executive, said on Wednesday local time that Softbank goal is to control more than 90% of the chip market, according to CNBC.

Softbank acquisition of arm is just the beginning of an explosive growth in semiconductor demand, as robots will surpass humans in the field of intelligence by the end of the century, Sun said.

Softbank bought arm holdings, a chip design firm, for $32 billion last year. Softbank expects the chip market to grow to a scale of 1 trillion chips, while 90% to 99% of chips will be designed by arm.

This is not the only bet sun made on the chip. He also invested $4 billion in NVIDIA, which is part of the singularity. Some scientists believe that in the near future, robots will be smarter than humans.

Sun Zhengyi said he expected that in the next 80 years or so, the intelligence quotient of machines will reach 10000 (the intelligence quotient of Mensa in the United States is about 130 points).

Sun Zhengyi spoke at the Future Investment Initiative meeting in Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh about his $100 billion vision fund, which focused on artificial intelligence, including robots and autonomous driving vehicles.

Mr. Sun said the fund is largely supported by Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund. It has made 15 investments in the past five months, with a return rate of 22% and a specific return of $3 billion.

At least one major investor has warned that huge cash flows from Softbank to technology start-ups are driving up valuations.

But after the Internet bubble, Sun Zhengyi said that most people react too much to the "peak" of Internet Co. This is an expected problem, not a technological trajectory.

In fact, Mr Sun said the record high of many technology stocks in 2017 was just the beginning of their respective valuations.

"In the past 18 years, my highest return on investment was 44 per cent," he said. People say I high risk and high return, and it true. I dont know if this is high risk, but if you think thoroughly enough, if you work hard enough, if you choose wisely, I think it is not only a high return, but also a good investment model. "

Mr. Sun said he plans to create funds of the same size with a faster frequency in the future. While big companies like apple and Microsoft will continue to innovate and compete with each other, he said he is also looking for disruptive newcomers. The use of the Internet, including the use of artificial intelligence and computing power, will continue to grow and has not yet peaked.

Sun said he hopes robots will be smarter than humans by 2050. But he also believes that robots will not get any benefits from attacking humans, but will prefer to live in harmony with humans.

"The gold rush is only about money. It is not important. It is  just a process. What is more important is the happiness of mankind," Sun said. How can we help ourselves and humanity become happier? I am a super optimist and I believe that there is always a solution to everything. "